Genders @ 10:00 Saturday September 20th


Genders  “Genders is a four-piece rock-post-pop-psych-what-ever-else band from Portland, Oregon. Consistently inconsistent, Genders plays whatever the hell they want. Comprised of super-pals Stephen Leisy on guitar, Matt Hall on bass, Katherine Paul on drums, and Maggie Morris on guitar and vocals…Genders focuses on feeling it and playing music that inspires them.” -BIO






Lower @ 8:30 Wednesday September 24th


“Lolowerwer is a band from Copenhagen whose members were teenagers when it formed; they’re now in their mid-20s. The group still sounds larval, with clomping drums and un-resolving chord sequences, but it’s making good drama out of its metamorphosis. If it hasn’t made a great, cohesive record yet — including the 2012 EP “Walk on Heads” and its evolved debut album, “Seek Warmer Climes,” to be released in two weeks by Matador — it could be said that Lower isn’t necessarily looking to cohere, and that it has made a few alarmingly good songs in a couple of years, or parts of songs.The point is, Lower has it: the post-punk reactive hunger, the noisy, hopeful drive toward reinvention, toward finding value in its own guesswork, impulses, mistakes, openness.” -The New York Times




Merchandise @10:00 Wednesday September 24th

merchandise“Merchandise is the result of years and years of hallucinatory heat and musical quarantine in the skinhead mecca of Tampa, FL. A trio-gone-duo-gone-trio again, the band has been active since 2008, releasing numerous cassettes and CD-R’s, along with two full-length LP’s on Katorga Works. It’s members (RCC, PDB, DMV) all have strong roots in the underground punk community, having released records and toured with much too many acts to be mentioned in this fragment of a bio.” -BIO





The Blan Scott Band @9:30 Saturday October 4th

theblanscottband I need everyone coming out tonight to support one of our very own. We’ve got The Blan Scott Band coming back to padres to have fun and dance with. Whiskey shots anyone?

Let’s keep this night going strong with great music and great drinks (:



Migrant Kids @ 8:00 Friday October 10th


migrant kids  “Drawing heavily from the influences of David Lynch and the method acting techniques of Stanislavski; Migrant Kids create more than just individual, one dimensional songs.  Their art feels less like an album and more like a hallucinogenic experience of electronic spirits and atmospheric ghosts. Vocals are breathed, not sung. Melodies pose questions. Rhythms erupt over vast soundscapes.  Every aspect of the group is a collaboration, from the musical concepts to the artwork and photography.” -Bio







Sphynx @ 10:00 Friday October 10th


sphynx  “If you haven’t already heard of Sphynx then trust us, you will. An electro pop trio that produces music impossible not to listen to, these guys are blowing up all over Austin, and beyond.”
-The Deli

“It’s throwback. It’s futuristic. It’s happening right now and you should be dancing.”
-The Burning Ear





The Scones @ 9:30 Friday October


Boom! Let’s Dance!

The band is a trio (acoustic guitar/banjo, bass, and drums) and mostly focusing on doing our original music which is what we call rockin’ Americana with lots of harmony and melodic memorable melodies and a lot of pretty upbeat stuff.



Hogan Sullivan @ 9:30 Friday October 24th

hogan sullivan

His songs are known for their vivid lyrical accounts of the Trans-Pecos Region, and sophisticated arrangements that blend Jazz, Country and elements of Rock! So… basically come check it out have a good time drink a few beers, chill in good company at PADRES :)





The Jim Keaveny Band @ 9:30 Saturday October 25th

jim and anna


 ”‘Out Of Time’ is simply PERFECT…. fourteen songs, which travel between Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, and Peter Rowan …

honestly it’s a melting pot of all this and more…” – countrygift.fr

 Here we have good friends of the West Texas area, and they’re CD release party and show. we’re happy to present Jim Keaveny and his band getting everyone dancing with their highly enthusiastic and up beat music.

Come check it out at PADRES!!!!







DJ KrazyLegs DJ Night @ 9:30 Saturday October 25th

jacobbbOh man, you guys already know what’s up, these nights are Padres nights to let go completely, have a good time, drink a couple drinks, and get yourself on that dance floor!!! let’s party with some bass Marfa! Come out and show some love!!





Jon Hogan and Maria Moss @9:00 Friday October 31st


hoganmossBranding your music with a name like “scorch folk,” as Jon Hogan and Maria Moss have done, makes a statement. It’s an evocative description, a little mysterious. Will it be somber folk lyrics over warp-speed music? A fire-and-brimstone take on folk? The title song on the duo’s new album, Reuben’s Train, establishes the ethos of the style. Come hang out and watch the alarming change of energy run through the room. this show is one of those must see’s. So happy to be having them with us!





Banshee Bones @ 10:00 Friday

November 7th


bansheebones   “Banshee Bones mixes up a caustic cauldron of classic hard rock: driving drums, gutsy guitars and bombastic bass; creating a powerful and punchy background for soaring vocals, introspective lyrics and killer melodies.” –Mitch Goodman, Unison Music.

These guys are all about having a good time and putting on a good show with high energy music, awesome right? yup. Can’t wait to see you there. Let’s rock out everybody :)



Anthony Ray Wright @9:00 Sunday November 9th

anthony ray band

Coming back to Padres we have Anthony ray wright.  a singer and song writer that has come out to Marfa a couple of times to get everyone having a good time! Come hang out and listen to the badass music and relax in good company and fresh music.








Gemma Ray @ 9:30 Friday November 14th

gemma ray  “However happy Gemma Ray may be, if you close your eyes, you could be drowning your sorrows in a grimy dive bar, transfixed by the voice of a lonely old soul drifting from an empty stage: extravagant, harrowing and emancipated, like an Essex-born Patsy Cline. It’s the sound of the past, and the sound of now, and, with luck, the sound of the future.” The Quietus Interview

I’m excited to be watching this performance something unique beautiful and rich. come out and watch this great new sound unfold in front of you.




Water Liars @ 9:30 Wednesday November 19th


waterliars  “Forget your precious bands that take years to release their next album: Water Liars don’t know how to stop working. A punk aesthetic – a desire not to overdo songs until they’re shiny with emptiness – is the band’s defining feature, and it’s why their songs are filled with such raw sorrow.” – BIO

Punk is always a fun crowd. It’s simple, Let’s drink eat and party!


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